The Missing Pieces: The Next Frontier of Zero Carbon

Join us at Greenbuild 2020 as we shine the spotlight on what’s next for embodied carbon. Accounting for embodied carbon in our buildings is critical to achieving zero carbon projects. Recent focus on Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declarations has elevated the conversation about embodied carbon, but the focus on building structure and enclosure has overlooked some critical aspects of a project’s carbon footprint.  If we are truly going to achieve carbon neutral – or better yet carbon positive – buildings, we need to address the missing pieces.

Join Amy Leedham, Associate and Atelier Ten’s US Carbon Practice Leader, for a discussion with Google, XL Construction, and CMG Landscape. Insight and conversation from the panelists will illuminate how we can fuse together efforts of various related disciplines and break down barriers to what has been a somewhat siloed approach of carbon analyses due to challenges of available data, research, and consistent metrics. The panelists bring a broad perspective on the subject of carbon and will share project specific examples as well as products of various research and advocacy initiatives. The discussion will go beyond explaining why embodied carbon and LCA are important to dive into the next frontier of embodied carbon topics: site and landscape carbon emissions, the importance of interiors, construction emissions and the challenges associated with disparity between regulations and rating systems.

Thursday, November 12, 2020
9:30 AM – 10:30 AM CST