Technology, Design and Safety Center, Keene State College

Atelier Ten collaborated with Architerra to provide environmental design support and consult on energy strategies for this two-story new construction and partial renovation for the Technology, Design and Sustainability Center (TDS Center) at Keene State College. Keene State College’s goal was to design and construct an academic facility that will support their programmatic mission and professional commitments to Safety and Occupational Health Sciences, Architecture, and Sustainable Product Design and Innovation. The College was also interested in introducing a net-zero energy philosophy to the campus with the TDS Center as its leading example.

Energy efficient strategies currently incorporated into the building include a well-insulated façade, tripled glazed thermally windows, low lighting power density compared to ASHRAE Baseline 90.1-2007, efficient VRF air source heat pumps, outside air systems with an average dedicated 75% enthalpy heat recovery, demand controlled ventilation in all occupied spaces, and premium efficiency motors. Overall, the building earned all 19 LEED possible points and 1 exemplary performance credit for energy efficiency, as it is designed to operate at a 57% cost savings as compared to the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 baseline. All 7 possible LEED points plus 1 Exemplary Performance credit were earned for providing 15% of the building’s energy by incorporating roof-top photovoltaic array.

The project garnered 3 Innovation in Design credits for Educational Signage, Building Materials Research and Green Power, which are all symbols of the future-thinking in the Technology Design and Safety programs. The TDS Center has achieved LEED Platinum certification and has been awarded with the 2013 AIA New Hampshire Merit Award.

Atelier Ten’s team includes Director, Nico Kienzl; Associate Director, Shanta Tucker; and Senior Environmental Designer, Leonora Paniccia from the New York office.