Urban Design Compendium Doha slider image
Urban Design Compendium Doha slider image

Urban Design Compendium Doha

with Makower Projects

The Urban Design Compendium for Qatar will be used as a guide for developers on good urban design and mandatory requirements for project approvals.

Atelier Ten has been providing sustainability insight to the project team led by Makower Projects, to prepare a set of guidance documents to explain what is meant by good urban design in Qatar and to set out realistic ways of applying its principles in the urban realm.

The Urban Design Compendium will form a common starting point for planners, designers and developers to collaborate in “raising the bar” of quality, and to establish a commonly understood set of criteria for what is meant by good design, with particular reference to the cultural and climatic context of Qatar. The compendium will inspire optimism, raise awareness and stimulate debate on the importance of good design and the significance of the built environment for the quality of peoples’ everyday lives, and the long-term sustainability of the city. The compendium will set quality standards, both for the process and the product of urban design and architecture, which are of relevance to Qatar, to the Gulf Region and to the wider international community.

The compendium will use specific references, benchmarks and examples from Qatar and other cities in the region and around the world. It is closely linked within the network of national masterplans, feeding into and from them, through meticulous and accurate referencing.