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Akbuk Peninsula Resort slider image

Akbuk Peninsula Resort

with Robert A.M. Stern Architects

The Akbuk Peninsular Resort is a high-end development for tourists as well as full-time residents. As a benchmark model for resort developments, the project sought to preserve a sense of place and local culture. The guiding principles for the development were written to support regional identity, build social infrastructure, use tourism to foster the local economy and achieve environmental sustainability.

The resort consists of a series of ridges and valleys located on the Southwestern corner of Turkey. Atelier Ten was appointed as sustainability and environmental consultant for three ‘neighbourhoods’ totalling 70 hectares.

Atelier Ten produced an Environmental Sustainability Framework for the project. This was intended to guide the work of the design team through the masterplan and design phases, with a view to realising the community’s desire for innovative sustainable design. Atelier Ten also provided advice on systems and utilities integration across scales ranging from individual lots to the entire community, with a view to maximising the use of available renewable resources and minimising the consumption of energy.