Nico Kienzl to be honored for his contribution to the Building Resiliency Task Force

Director of Atelier Ten, Nico Kienzl, is being honored by Urban Green Council with a 2013 Service Award for his extraordinary contribution to the NYC Building Resiliency Task Force.  The award will be presented to all exemplary volunteers at the Urban Green Council Fall Member Reception on October 9.

The Building Resiliency Task Force was convened by the request of the City of New York following Super Storm Sandy’s devastation along the East Coast of the United States. The Task Force reviewed current building codes and operational practices, and made recommendations on how they could be amended to improve building resiliency and to facilitate recovery. Atelier Ten’s team lead by Nico provided extensive analysis of interior temperature drifts of existing buildings in New York City.  Through these evaluations, the team was able to identify life threatening situations of what happens when mechanical systems fail.

The Building Resiliency Task Force report released in June highlighted an innovative and thoughtful response to Superstorm Sandy that was heralded by politicians and the press. Thus far, 5 proposals have been enacted, 6 are being proposed, and14 are currently being introduced to City Council.