Nico Kienzl presents at NECSC Conference 2012

Nico Kienzl, Director, will be joined by Nilda Mesa, Philip Pitruzzello, and La-Verna Fountain of Columbia University to present Creating a Sustainable Urban Campus at the Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium (NECSC) Conference 2012. The presentation will take place on April 3 at Syracuse University.

The panel will touch upon the concept of campus sustainability, which is growing beyond the traditional limits of building design, greenhouse gas reductions, and good management practices. The discussion will especially apply to dense, historic urban areas, where campus expansion requires a holistic view of public health, perceptions of equity and justice, and neighborhoods and nuisance. 

The panel will review the holistic approach deployed in one of the most significant higher education development projects in the nation – the Manhattanville Campus in West Harlem by Columbia University.