LEED Platinum Certification

Tata Hall, the first new construction building in the expansion of the Harvard Business School (HBS) campus located in Boston, MA, was awarded LEED Platinum certification. The Tata Hall Executive Education dormitory is part of Atelier Ten’s overall sustainable masterplan for the HBS campus, which helps test and define the school’s sustainable design standards for the future expansion.

We worked closely with William A. Rawn Associates and provided Environmental Design, Energy Analysis, and LEED Administration services. The transparent two-story double-skin façade curtain wall enables a visual connection while enhancing the thermal comfort within the space and reducing overall energy consumption. The building also contains a high-performance irrigation system that saves more than 55% in potable water use and contains low-flow plumbing fixtures that reduce water by 48% (more than 900,000 gallons of potable water saved annually) over the baseline. The bedrooms are naturally ventilated, utilizing a window switch that shuts down the heating/cooling/ ventilation system if the window is open. A masterswitch is installed in each room to provide residents with the ability to effortlessly and expediently turn off all electronics with just one flip of the switch. Our team’s close attention to building envelope, lighting and plug load efficiency, and HVAC efficiency measures has helped reduce the energy consumption of the building by 47% and energy costs by 43%.

Our project team from the New York office included Director Nico Kienzl and Senior Environmental Designer Bret Mantyk.