Keeling Apartments at Revelle College, UC San Diego Receives LEED Platinum Certification

Atelier Ten’s first naturally-ventilated dormitory housing project has received its LEED Platinum certification. Designed by Kieran Timberlake, Keeling Apartments’ at University of California, San Diego features integrated sustainable design measures that make for a very low-energy building: thermal mass, natural ventilation, and sunshades to reduce solar heat gains. The building also has a notable water conservation system in place to address the ongoing water shortage in Southern California. Through comprehensive LEED Program management and close collaboration with the design and university team, Atelier Ten pushed the project to exceed its initial target of LEED Gold.

Atelier Ten are currently working with KieranTimberlake on other high-performance dormitories, including McKinlock Hall and the renovation of Old Quincy, both at Harvard University. Our last completed collaboration, Yale University’s Sculpture Building and Gallery, also earned LEED Platinum certification.

Atelier Ten’s project team included Directors Paul Stoller and Claire Maxfield and Designers Brian Meinrath and Amanda Webb.

Kieran Timberlake Press Release