Environmental framework completed for Harvard Business School

This past spring, Atelier Ten completed a comprehensive Environmental Framework for Harvard Business School that provides site specific, innovative, and sustainable approaches tailored to the HBS campus. Atelier Ten’s Framework provided additional goals and strategies for the overall campus and at an individual building scale. It outlined six sustainable topics that are priorities for the HBS campus: energy, site and landscape, water, indoor environmental quality, construction and materials, and operations and maintenance.

The main objective of this Environmental Framework is to organize and translate sustainability goals into a comprehensive document that strives to minimize adverse environmental impacts, while enhancing the HBS campus. Atelier Ten worked closely with HBS and the design team to define specific targets and strategies that serve as a guide for developing efficient and sustainable buildings that will decrease energy and water usage, and minimize the campus’ environmental footprint.

Sharon Black, Director of Planning at Harvard Business School, states “Atelier Ten’s Environmental Framework is possibly the single most usable document I’ve reviewed during my 20-plus years at HBS. It’s not just the depth of information, but the way you’ve organized and graphically presented the content that make this document such a valuable reference, now and in years to come”.

Atelier Ten’s team from the New York office included Director, Nico Kienzl, Associate Director, Ben Shepherd, and Senior Environmental Designer, Naree Phinyawatana.