Cheers To Our US Staff Promotions

We’re excited to announce the latest promotions of Livie Li, Daniel Mayer, and Priyal Shah to Environmental Designers, and Haley Jones and Alexis Creed to Senior Marketing Specialists. We invite you to celebrate their accomplishments this past year.

Livie Li

Over this past year, Livie was proud to have developed a python script that expedites Atelier Ten’s energy analysis database and the AIA 2030 reporting process. It shortened the data management time from several days to a few minutes. The tool can also be used for other data collection and processing efforts such as Atelier Ten’s carbon database. Livie is learning IESVE and is looking forward to taking on more projects using this modeling tool. She is also excited to tackle more work on microgrid and energy storage solutions.

Daniel Mayer

Danny has been working on the New York Presbyterian Cancer Center. As part of this project, we have been advising the design team on energy, carbon, and comfort improvements. This has been done by conducting whole building energy analysis focusing on envelope sensitivity, heat recovery, and operational carbon emissions reduction assessments. He’s excited to continue exploring ways to optimize and integrate building systems for the NYP Cancer Center to create energy-efficient, comfortable, and healthy spaces with positive impacts on occupants and the environment. Being able to contribute to the sustainability side of a project with such an important social cause and such a sensitive building program has been amazing.

Priyal Shah

Priyal’s been integral to Atelier Ten’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) projects this past year and has been working on a major renovation of an existing building in downtown San Francisco. This was a reuse/renovation project where we focused on quantifying the embodied carbon saved through reusing the structure and made impact reduction measures to further reduce the carbon footprint of the project. She is excited to expand her knowledge on carbon and dive deeper into how structural design decisions can impact embodied carbon early on in a project. She is also looking forward to understanding the carbon impact of MEP, FFE, and landscape materials as the industry gets better data on these scopes.

Alexis Creed

Over the past year, Alexis was proud to secure her Fitwel Ambassador certification. As somebody who dived into this industry without previous AEC experience, she is thrilled to have attained an affiliated accreditation showcasing the sustainability knowledge she’s acquired over the past few years, all learning from the best here at Atelier Ten! Even more satisfying is applying those learned strategies to specific project pursuits. As the industry evolves and sustainability becomes more commonplace yet more sophisticated, she’s excited to see what exciting projects our client partners are ideating down the pipeline, and how we can collectively continue to push the envelope on sustainability and make design choices that work in harmony with the natural environment.

Haley Jones

Haley was most proud to have led a major decarbonization pursuit that required Atelier Ten and several partner firms. There was a ton of coordination through the interview process and it was incredibly rewarding to see the final product. Since beginning five years ago, she is finally at the point in her career at Atelier Ten where the projects she helped Atelier Ten win, are nearing completion. She is excited to share all these incredible and important projects with a larger audience. She is continuously impressed by the work we do, and looks forward to showing it off.