Atelier Ten’s Verification Expert

Atelier Ten’s Verification expert and Energy Analysis practice leader, Mike Tillou, works closely with clients to investigate how buildings operate and what can be done to improve their performance. Leveraging existing building data and operator knowledge, he helps clients determine what works and doesn’t work in their buildings and provides recommendations that directly reduce operating costs. As a registered Professional Engineer (PE) and an ASHRAE Certified Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP), his expertise includes HVAC and control system analysis, commissioning, optimization, and troubleshooting. Mike specializes in energy auditing, benchmarking, and demand-side energy planning. He has worked on a wide variety of institutional, university, healthcare, and laboratory projects, including verification for Harvard Business School Tata Hall. He has also written verification plans for the 2 million square foot Makuhari New City shopping center in Tokyo, Japan, and the Lassonde Studios facility currently in design at the University of Utah.

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