Atelier Ten Contributes to Urban Green’s Latest Research Report

Atelier Ten provided research for the latest report issued by the Urban Green Council – Worldwide Lessons, which gives a global perspective on how New York City’s building energy efficiency codes and policies perform in comparison to five sustainable cities in the world: Frankfurt, London, Singapore, Sydney and San Francisco — all of which are known to have a strong history of energy efficiency and green building practices.

Atelier Ten was able to draw from its international experience on hundreds of green buildings and use that knowledge to perform in-depth comparisons to the peer cities. Some of the most relevant topics to building energy efficiency were considered in this report, including climate, culture, energy codes and standards, code enforcement, building labeling and disclosure policies, construction workforce training, and design process, methods and materials.

The collaboration between Urban Green, United Technologies Corporation, and Atelier Ten has been key to providing these deep insights into what has been successful for New York City building energy efficiency, and what techniques we can adopt from the peer cities to further transform New York City’s buildings for a more sustainable future.

Atelier Ten’s team includes Director Nico Kienzl, Associate Michael Tillou, and Design Staff Amy Egerter from the New York office, and the following contributors from other Atelier Ten offices:

Shanta Tucker, Atelier Ten, New York
Emilie Hagen, Atelier Ten, San Francisco
Claire Maxfield, Atelier Ten, San Francisco
Patrick Bellew, Atelier Ten, London
Meredith Davies, Atelier Ten, London
Younha Rhee, Atelier Ten, London
Volkan Doda, Atelier Ten, London
Naree Phinyawatanya, Atelier Ten, Singapore
Henry Woon, Atelier Ten, Singapore
Paul Stoller, Atelier Ten, Sydney