Anderson Collection at Stanford University Opens

Opened in September, the Anderson Collection has moved into its new home at Stanford University. As the collection was daylit in the Anderson’s home, so is the new gallery designed by Ennead Architects. Atelier Ten’s collaboration with the design team resulted in a daylit scheme that is optimal for viewing art while meeting stringent conservation criteria on environmental conditioning and lighting, to ensure preservation of the works. At the same time, daylight results in reduced electric lighting–the key energy strategy in a design that saves over 30% in energy costs each year.

“I found the second floor galleries – lit from above by a rim of semi-transparent clerestory windows – serenely perfect” said John Seed, Professor of Art and Art History, Mt. San Jacinto College. Read his review in the Huffington Post.

Atelier Ten’s team from the San Francisco office includes Director Claire Maxfield and Senior Environmental Designers Brian Meinrath and Shruti Kasarekar, and Environmental Designer Kristen DiStefano.