Cheers to our London team

We are delighted to announce the following promotions on our London team:

Gita Maruthayanar, Associate Director
Michael Bennett, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Jess Glynn, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Michael Smith, Senior Public Health Engineer
Dara Byrne, Senior Electrical Engineer
Colm Dowling, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Nipun Wickramsundara, Mechanical Engineer
Somhairle Laird, Mechanical Engineer
Aarti Patel, Mechanical Engineer
Sophie Paisley-Marshall, Mechanical Engineer
Gregor Haran, Environmental Designer
Shaya Mohammad, Environmental Designer
Jeovana Naidoo, Environmental Designer
Verity Rose, Lighting Designer
Yuki Pan, Graphic Designer
Harry Howlett, Senior Accountant
Hayley Tobitt, Junior Accountant
Zachary Dilley, Office manager

We are looking forward to celebrating properly at our office soon!