2021 changes to the Building Regulations

We’ve written a briefing note on the new set of approved documents released by the government on 15 December 2021 and coming into effect 15 June 2022.

Changes to the Building Regulations include updates to Updates to ADL on Conservation of fuel and power, ADF on Ventilation, a new ADO on overheating, and a new ADS on electrical charging infrastructure linked to buildings.

Our quick summary headlines are:

  • Meeting primary energy targets is now equally important as carbon emission targets.
  • New dwellings are expected to become ~30% lower regulated carbon, non-domestic ~27% lower on average, with offices specifically ~35% lower.
  • Dwelling fabric efficiency targets will be at least 15% harder to meet.
  • No increase in ventilation rates in offices in response to the pandemic. Recirculating systems must meet certain new criteria, and air quality sensors are required in a large range of spaces.
  • The requirement to report operational energy forecast to the building owner has been watered down to allow use of benchmarks instead of TM54 assessments.
  • Overheating will become a hot subject with many London developers likely pursuing the dynamic thermal modelling approach using CIBSE TM59 for regulatory compliance.

Click the image below to read and download our full report: