Sustainability Report 2015

Written 25 years since our beginnings as a small London-based studio, this Sustainability Report marks a special year for us. We have been responsible for the innovative engineering of many world-famous, large scale projects, as well as effecting a step change in the sustainability of small scale buildings. With 11 offices around the world, we have initiated many industry-leading advances in green architecture.

In line with our early ambitions, it is good to be able to say that the practice has successfully challenged and reshaped the way buildings and developments interact with the environment. Atelier Ten has led the way in responding to growing concerns about carbon emissions, energy efficiency and occupant wellbeing.

While huge strides have been made in the last 25 years, as the drive towards ever healthier and less resource-intensive buildings grows, the next era promises to be even more interesting as we continue to strive to be at the leading edge of environmental design.

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Worldwide Lessons in City Planning

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