Staff Promotions

Atelier Ten is pleased to announce the promotion of Alister Shapley, Cristina Carmona, Ehab Otman, James Lacy-Smith, James Sheldon, Sonam Shah and Wael Itani.

Alister Shapley to Graphic Designer
Since joining the Graphics Team in 2015, Alister has played a key role in the team’s evolution of Atelier Ten’s brand and graphic style. His previous experience as a Graphic Designer and the knowledge gained from his Masters of Architecture underpins his work exploring and developing new methods of visual communication, bringing clarity to complexity. Alister is taking part in the Ride London-Surrey race to raise money for VICTA.

Cristina Carmona to Mechanical Engineer
After completing a degree in Building Engineering, Cristina joined Atelier Ten in 2014.  Since then, she has enhanced her building services knowledge through a combination of both large and small projects, and is looking forward to continuing to produce effective, lower-energy designs. Cristina has just returned Jerez where she participated in La Feria del Caballo by dancing flamenco for a week.

Ehab Otman to Electrical Engineer
Ehab joined Atelier Ten in October 2014. Since starting, he has worked on a range of projects such as schools, commercial, residential, museums and a theatre, where he has gained industrial experience in the design of various electrical systems. Ehab has a First Class BEng (Hons) degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Southampton and a MSc (Distinction) in Control Systems from Imperial College London. He is also the captain of Atelier Ten’s football team.

James Lacy-Smith to Environmental Designer
James joined the Environmental Team at Atelier Ten in 2014 after completing a Biological Sciences degree at the University of Bristol. While gaining experience in an extremely varied number of areas from benchmarking to water management, James is looking to become an expert in energy and daylight modelling. His biological background is proving useful in the rising field of biophilia and has led to a significant “greening” of the office.

James Sheldon to Environmental Designer
Since joining Atelier Ten after the completion of a Masters degree in Engineering in 2014, James has worked within the Environmental Team. In his role as an Environmental Designer, James has endeavoured to improve the energy performance of buildings and improve the integration of projects into the natural and social landscape. James is a keen participant in Atelier Ten’s Engineering Club, working with students at the City Academy, Islington; he recently led students in the designing, building and testing of wind turbines.

Sonam Shah to Mechanical Engineer
Sonam joined Atelier Ten in 2014 after completing a Masters in Engineering. She has spent the last year and a half working on a variety of projects, gaining experience in building modelling and the principles of mechanical building services. She also enjoyed a placement within Atelier Ten’s Lighting Design Team for a three months, and is continuing to explore how different disciplines come together to create our built environment. After taking part in RedR’s Hands-On weekend last year which focused on Refugee Camps, Sonam has become more involved with their work and is an ambassador for RedR to Atelier Ten.

Wael Itani to Public Health Engineer
Wael joined Atelier Ten in 2015 as a Graduate Public Health Engineer with a Masters Degree in Building Services Engineering from Brunel University. From day one, he was involved in the design of the water supply and drainage systems of various exciting building types, both inside and outside the UK. Working as a Public Health Engineer allows him to make connections with the architects and civil engineers from different consultancies, broadening his knowledge and understanding of the whole coordinated design process. Wael recently represented Atelier Ten at Kingston Grammar School’s Careers in Engineering event, talking with students and giving careers advice.