Shining a light on dementia

Presentation on the illuminated environment for people living with Dementia by Peter Kerr

We are honoured to be presenting this event as part of this year’s ‘people first’ Green Sky Thinking festival, a week long series of events and conferences across London, all centred around sustainability in the built environment. The research that our Glasgow office Director, Peter Kerr, has been doing into the impact of varying lighting conditions on mental health is perfectly suited to this year’s emphasis on people. His presentation will explore the ways in which daylight and artificial light affect our mood, the impact of falling out of alignment with our natural circadian rhythm and the relationship between light conditions and our ever-aging bodies. Prepare to be illuminated!

You can catch this presentation at our London office in Shoreditch on 15th May 2018 at 8.30am. For more information and booking please click here.