Raising the Bar

The 2018 International Women in Engineering Day is ‘raising the bar’ for engineering and focusing attention on the career opportunities available to girls in this exciting industry. Atelier Ten celebrates the accomplishments of our women engineers, who are inspiring the next generation, with stories about how they became engineers and why they love it. http://www.inwed.org.uk/


Natalia Sim, Senior Electrical Engineer

What do you enjoy about the built environment?

The variety of projects. It is inspiring to tackle different challenges and find innovative, pioneering solutions. I like the fact that each project is different and has different dynamic in terms of deliverables, people working in a team, problems to solve etc. The building industry is an endless source of inspiration for anyone who wants to be creative. With the right mind-set everyone can find an area to grow as an engineer.

What inspired you to become an engineer/designer?

Just always felt it was my way to follow. When I was younger I had a clear picture of what I wanted to do and what I wanted to achieve. This idea polished and developed over years while I continue to discover new paths.


Krasimira Slavcheva, Senior Public Health Engineer

What inspired you to become an engineer/designer?

I like solving problems and I am obsessed with math; my mum is an engineer as well and I can’t imagine doing anything else.


Younha Rhee, Associate Director

What do enjoy about the built environment?

The fact that the built environment influences everybody occupying the space fascinates me. Working with the vision of creating a more sustainable built environment keeps me motivated and focused.

What inspired you to become an engineer/designer?

Creating something useful to people – essentially giving something back to the society with my creative and analytical skills set – is rewarding to me.


Gita Maruthayanar, Senior Mechanical Engineer

What do enjoy about the built environment?

Gita enjoys shaping a better future using innovative technologies, collaborating with architects, other engineers and the construction team to deliver MEP solutions to the built environment. Having worked across diverse projects, Gita is impressed of the impact her projects have on the community and their wellbeing.

What inspired you to become an engineer/designer?

Gita fell into being engineering by luck, at high school she enjoyed math and a friend suggested trying engineering at university. Enjoying fluid dynamics in university, Gita applied to work as a mechanical engineer at a consulting firm, where she thoroughly enjoying the complexities/challenges of designing and also solving problems at the same time. Being an engineer has given Gita perspective on how to face high pressure situations and deliver projects which poses a challenge but is also exciting.


Andrea Ruiz, Intermediate Mechanical Engineer

What inspired you to become an engineer/designer?

I used to help my father fix and install new items in the house. I enjoyed learning from him about how things work. The passion to learn and solve problems guided me to engineering.

I also developed a strong connection with the environment when I was small. I used to play among the massive trees outside my house or along the beach.

During my engineering studies I learned about how inefficient and harmful the industry can be that produces the items we use or consume. Since then, I have focused my efforts on sustainable designs, selecting and installing technologies that would be less harmful and would allow to keep or improve our current environment for the future generations.

What do enjoy about the built environment?

We address challenging problems by designing practical, efficient, and effective solutions. To do this we communicate day to day with professionals of different backgrounds as architects, engineers, designers, contractors, cost consultants, product representatives, etc to develop high performance buildings. I enjoy it very much as there is always something new to learn, I keep on growing and developing every day.