London Winter Promotions 2022

Please join us in celebrating the promotions of our London team members!

Elsa Jacobs

I have been working on a project that deals with the optimisation of the sustainability framework of a water-scarce county in the Middle East. My active role focuses on the in-depth analysis of the current regulatory framework’s water strategy and the assessment of the sustainability performance of critical projects at different stages of development to improve both the projects and the masterplan through policy and innovation. This challenging task demands all the analytical skills and lateral thinking I can muster and provides a unique experience that I am sure will influence all my projects to come.

Environmental design is a fast-evolving field, and I am excited to implement new tools and innovative technologies in my upcoming projects, developing my expertise in the Middle Eastern and Asian markets which have fascinating sustainability dynamics.

Margarita Kobrina

It’s a pleasure to see and feel how my everyday work on Atelier Ten projects, such as 2 Finsbury Avenue among others, materialises into real results, and takes on a useful form.

I really value the team I work in, and am always learning from them. I’m looking forward to the future with enthusiasm, and to seeing, hopefully very soon, the positive impact we are making on the built environment in London.

Alexander Falconer

I’m most excited and proud of my work on Fabrix’s Roots in the Sky, with Sheppard Robson. It will be London’s first ever urban rooftop forest, and will be one of the largest rooftop gardens in Europe. I joined the project as a graduate and have taken on increasing responsibility and am now a key member of the team as we deliver stage 4. I look forward to visiting the project when it is all complete.

I have a rotation lined up for next year to gain experience working within our environmental team, and I am excited to deepen my exposure to the sustainability side of the industry.

Eva Meadowcroft

The project that I am most proud of since joining for Atelier Ten is Belgrove House. At the time of my involvement, this project was in Stage 3 design (it was my first experience working on a Stage 3 project) and I found it super interesting as it involved a lot of problem solving which I enjoy. I am proud of my role as Revit coordinator on this project as I had to manage the coordination of the mechanical, public health and electrical services going into the building which ultimately helped my understanding of the different disciplines hugely!

Currently I am working on two Stage 2 projects, Brent Cross Plot 19 and 47-50 Mark Lane. I am excited to complete the Stage 2 design and will hopefully continue on both projects into Stage 3. I am also excited to expand my knowledge on embodied carbon factors in design and construction to gain a better understanding of the environmental impacts of different materials and services as this becoming an ever more pressing priority in design.

Ezinne Osueke

I’m proud of my development in producing good quality design work. I’ve also really enjoyed working on the early stages of residential plots.

I’m really excited to learn more about environmental modelling and analysis tools, and to get involved in the study of embodied carbon in building services.

Paras Patravale

My journey with Atelier Ten has been great. Within the past year, I have been able to work on a range of different projects. Through working on 334 Oxford Street I got to learn more about detailed design. Alongside this, I was introduced to embodied carbon which I think is one of the most important impacts to consider within the built environment.

I’ve enjoyed working as part of each project team and having an impact across so many different projects. Over the last year, I’ve also been introduced to different software like Amtech, Revit, Navisworks where I was able to develop my engineering computational skills. On other side, different Building Standards helped me to understand detailed engineering aspects. I am grateful to be part of Atelier Ten.