Getting ready for Footprint+: our guide to the best events

We’re delighted to be partnering with FOOTPRINT+, the new UK property event exploring how sustainability in the sector can be achieved.

Taking place next week in Brighton, UK (June 7th-9th), this newly flourishing annual event explores the key issues facing the sector – including retrofit, circular economies, energy efficiency and finance. These are complex, systemic challenges that we love to engage with and help to engineer solutions for, and we can’t wait for the conversation in Brighton to get going.

The programme of events is spread across four stages and three days, with speakers representing the huge diversity of voices and expertise that contribute to the environmental, social and economic dynamics of the property sector.

We’ve had our energy analysts investigate the programme, and they have confirmed that it would be impossible to attend everything while maintaining personal performance, so to help our friends get the most out of the conference, we’ve picked out some of the best:

07 Jun 2022

11:00 – 11:50
Stage 1: Defining Zero Carbon

13:15 – 14:05
Stage 2: From waste heat to valuable energy

15:30 – 16:20
Stage 3: Whole lifecycle carbon – performing for the future

08 Jun 2022

10:15 – 11:05
Stage 2: Local area energy planning

09 Jun 2022

10:00 – 10:50
Stage 1: Embedding Zero Carbon into the design process

12:30 – 13:10
Stage 3: Repurposing existing buildings to save the embodied carbon

13:00 – 13:50
Stage 1: Net zero carbon in historic buildings

14:00 – 14:50
Stage 1: Future of low carbon building design

16:00 – 16:50
Stage 1: Circularity in construction supply chains