Q&A with Patrick Bellew

Sustainability Report 2014
Patrick Bellew, Principal

What does sustainability mean to you personally?

It means a long held belief that we need to adopt the mantra of doing more with less as a key priority in design. It’s not about creating an imaginary state of being “sustainable”, it is about viewing all of the decisions that we confront in the design and manufacture of the built environment in terms of their impacts on the environment and making informed decisions based on the value that we place on that environment.

What sustainability action are you most proud of?

Probably my part in the formation of the UK-GBC, which has become such a force in the UK industry in a relatively short period of time. I am also proud that the company I formed 23 years ago, has held true to the original ambition to help lead the agenda in the field of high-performance building design both in the UK and abroad.

What do you hope to see achieved on the sustainability agenda over the next decade?

A more consistent and focused approach to the application of the low carbon agenda across the Industry and a move to a broader understanding of what sustainability means when we move beyond the Carbon Agenda.