CIBSE name Atelier Ten Building Services Consultancy of the Year 2011

Atelier Ten lead the transformation to a more sustainable built environment by providing enlightened design, engineering and consulting. We strive to make buildings do more with less by working from basic principles and challenging conventional thinking. We build relationships with our clients that make a positive difference and support change in our local community through our charitable Foundation.

Recognised as Sustainability Consultant of the Year 2009, we can demonstrate in 2010 that we have again gone above and beyond. We are at the cutting-edge of our field as demonstrated by our delivery of low-carbon buildings and in our appointment by leading environmental organisations, WWF-UK and the Soil Association.

We apply the same enthusiasm and expertise in improving sustainable performance in our own operations. Since January, we have achieved ISO 9001 which embeds sustainability within our policies; delivered our full GRI Level C Annual Sustainability Report; established an internal Green Committee; adopted the Mayor’s Green Procurement Code; installed energy monitoring displays in reception; championed a local community roof-top garden; used part of our profit to fund infrastructure to support humanitarian efforts in Haiti; engaged children in local schools; established Practice Leaders and set up a ‘wiki’ for knowledge sharing; measured our carbon footprint and offset our emissions with ‘Clear’, one of the few government approved carbon offset schemes.

Our commitment to shaping a more sustainable world is second to none. We continue to deliver leading ambitions and innovative ideas that make a measurable difference to our built environment.