UK North Summer Promotions 2023

We’re celebrating our summer promotions! Learn what project each staff member is most proud of and what they are excited to accomplish in the upcoming year:

Gary Kerr – Associate
Upon joining Atelier Ten I inherited a number of projects, all at different stages of design & construction. Each project presented it’s own individual challenges, however, I’m proud that these projects have all achieved completion & have since been handed over to very happy clients. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work closely with colleagues on a broad range of projects, where we will push to implement innovative technologies & apply energy efficient design principles.

John Wimpenny – Senior Mechanical Engineer
I don’t think I can single out one particular project that I am most proud of since starting with Atelier Ten. I am proud of all the projects I have been involved with and have most enjoyed gaining knowledge and experience on a wide variety of projects since joining. I have also really enjoyed being part of the Atelier Ten team. Moving forward, I want to continue to learn, develop and expand my technical knowledge whilst working on some exciting new projects.

Alice Beglan-Grant – Electrical Engineer
To date, I am proud of my efforts to design energy efficient and considerate lighting solutions for a number of schools I have been working on, enhancing the environment young people learn whilst limiting the energy consumption of the lighting.  Looking forward, I am excited to see my first lighting design for an office refurb in Glasgow complete this year.  As part of this we are replacing the existing fluorescent lamps with LED equivalents which will improve the quality of light in the office and reduce the client’s energy bills.

Calum McColl – Mechanical Engineer
Since starting here at A10, I’ve taken pride in working in a wide variety of projects across different sectors. I’ve had the opportunity to work on large residential developments such as that at Ocean Drive in Leith, as well as working on several schools across the Scottish borders, and even the re-development of the ex-industrial MSIP facility in Dundee. Through these project and others, I’ve been able to develop greatly as an engineer within a short period of time.

Hugh McAuley – Mechanical Engineer
I am most proud of my involvement in the Royal High School and Faifley Campus projects, as I have had the chance to put my mechanical design skills to the test, as well as becoming more involved in coordination with the wider design teams. I am excited to continue my career with Atelier Ten, as we continue to push for a more sustainable built environment.

Jonathan Liu – Fire Engineer
I am proud to be working on many exciting projects such as the Buchanan Masterplan, Folketone Masterplan and large schools such as Peterhead Community Campus. Working on these projects has allowed me to develop key skills and knowledge to carry out fire engineering assessments for complex building designs. I am looking forward to further developing my skills and gaining valuable experience to use for future projects.

Kayleigh Marshall – Electrical Engineer
The project that I am most proud of since starting at Atelier Ten is Kadans – a building with a mixture of labs & offices that will be rented by separate tenants. This was the first project I worked on over multiple stages, and it is still the most unique and challenging project I have worked on to date. It helped advance my development as I was given a high level of responsibility and allowed me to be involved in every aspect of design. Working on this project allowed me to see just how connected every part of a project can be and how much consideration needs to go into making revisions. In the next year, I look forward to seeing my work realised on site and getting the opportunity to apply what I learnt from Kadans as I move on to many different types of projects.

Seamus McGovern – Mechanical Engineer

I have loved working on a range of different projects since joining Atelier Ten. From working on incredible office buildings such as 33 Cadogan Street and passivhaus schools such as Dundee East End Campus and Perth High School, the knowledge I feel I’ve gained in such a short space of time has been immense. I am very much looking forward to seeing Brodies Glasgow reach completion by the end of the year, to see the entire process from the start through to handover will be very rewarding. Also, I’m excited to learn even more within the new role and look forward to the responsibility this holds.

Megan Cassidy – Mechanical Engineer
I am proud to have worked on such a vast and diverse range of projects with Atelier Ten, from standard office blocks to complex passivhaus schools. It’s also a great feeling to have played such an important role in the development of some of Glasgow’s most iconic buildings, with the likes of Met Tower or as some people like to call it, the “People Make Glasgow building”. I enjoy making a difference by making conscious decisions within the MEP design to improve both our working and natural environment. I hope with this new role and added responsibilities I will be able to evolve as a mechanical engineer and continue my personal development.

Akhil James – Electrical Engineer
I’m proud being a part of a vast mix of projects including offices, mixed-use schemes and commercial self-storages. I have had the opportunity to network with minds within the industry and to work on projects at various stages of design. Going forward, I’m excited to see these projects reach completion and learn even more as an electrical engineer. I’m also looking forward to participating and being part of committees within the built sector in the upcoming year.

Lewis Hughes – Mechanical Engineer
Since working at Atelier Ten I have had the opportunity to work on a range of projects of varying sizes and purposes. From my time as a graduate, I am most proud of seeing the projects that I have worked on from their beginning reach completion and already be in operation with my designs installed. I am excited to continue my development as an engineer, taking on more responsibilities, working on larger projects, and progressing towards further qualifications.

David Wilson – Regional Director