We Imagine Possibilities

“We think as designers. We engage as designers…We ask questions. We imagine possibilities.” Paul Stoller discusses what he does at Atelier Ten with Laurence Dragomir on‘s weekly podcast.

The discussion delves into past projects like Federation Square to discuss how Atelier Ten finds opportunities in what are considered unusable spaces. The largest thermal labyrinth in the world lies below the Federation Square plaza and over the train tracks. The labyrinth uses less than one-tenth of the energy used by conventional air conditioning to cool the large glazed atrium above. Applicable to today’s need for energy storage, Paul discusses how thermal batteries can store a different type of energy that is often a waste product from something else or naturally available.

Paul also discusses more recent projects including the exciting Sydney Modern Project with SANAA and Architectus. A range of measures will position the Sydney Modern Project in the top tier of energy efficient global art museums. High performance facades, heat recovery air handling and chillers, and harbour heat rejection will all work to reduce energy use while also creating conservation grade interior environments.

Listen to the full podcast to gain some inspiration from Paul.