Scotland Spring 2022 Promotions

The Scotland offices are celebrating 6 promotions this Spring. Congratulations on your promotions to Stuart Russell, Derek Scally, Neil Cockburn, Brad Holleron, Colin Cochrane and Corey Furnace.

Learn what project each staff member is most proud of and what they are excited to accomplish in the upcoming year!

Stuart Russell, Associate Director

In my time so far at Atelier Ten the thing that I am most proud of, and most enthused to continue with, is being a mentor and team leader for our younger engineers and graduates and to be trusted to help develop the future of the exciting young talent at Atelier Ten. I view this as possibly the most important task that I undertake, as our people are our most important asset in developing industry leading sustainable solutions.

In the next year I am looking forward to Perth High School starting on site. This Passivhaus high school has thrown up some unique issues and challenging design criteria during the early project stages and it will be exciting to see this come to fruition in the form of a cutting-edge educational establishment.

Derek Scally, Associate Director

The Great Tapestry of Scotland was a challenging project which required a huge amount of detailed co-ordination with the architect and contractor to ensure all services were integrated. Moving all services from high level within the gallery space to low level below the tapestry cabinets allowed the main ceiling to remain clear of services and create a great space.

This year I am looking forward to working on Perth High School and Dundee East End Campus. These schools have been designed to the Passivhaus standard which has given us the platform to influence the building design from a passive design strategy and create schools that don’t follow existing school design models.

Neil Cockburn, Associate Director

The project that I am most proud of in my time at Atelier ten is the refurbishment of the Glenkinchie Distillery Visitor Centre, which is shortlisted for this year’s best new building RIAS awards. The challenge was to create a modern, highly serviced visitor centre within a Victorian listed building which had been a whisky bond.

Over the next year I am looking forward to continuing my involvement with schools for Hub South East and working on the iconic St Kilda Museum which is to be located on the western coast of the Isle of Lewis.

Brad Holleron, Senior Electrical Engineer

During my time at Atelier Ten I have been involved in a number of amazing and diverse projects. One I am most proud of being part of is the new Dundee East End Campus project for Dundee City Council.

I am looking forward to the collaborative working process with the client alongside a very focused and enthusiastic project team through the Hub and RIBA stages. In particular working closely with the Mechanical team and Passivhaus consultant on the PHPP modelling process, Photovoltaics for Section 6 and carbon offsetting, heating and ventilation design strategies accompanied by the electrical efficiencies of the systems. We are at the forefront of one of, if not the largest Passivhaus School in the Country which is very exciting.

The way we view and use buildings today has significantly evolved and with energy performance, embodied carbon and sustainability being key driving factors in the overall building design. It is important that we can provide key MEP solutions to ensure we limit building carbon emissions and performance gaps.

As Rick Fedrizzi said in the COP21 conference.

“Demand for green building will only continue to grow as individuals, businesses and institutes continue to prioritise sustainable approaches to the design, construction and operations of our built environment.”

This is something that I am passionate about and keen to progress in my career as I develop in my new role with Atelier Ten.

Colin Cochrane, Mechanical Engineer

During my short time at Atelier ten the project I am most proud of is the Dunard Centre, it has been challenging and as a team we have produced some excellent solutions.

I am excited to be involved in the many upcoming and interesting projects we have this year, and to further develop as an engineer.

Corey Furnace, Sustainability Consultant

Well, to start, I have enough great projects under my belt so far to drag out a very long-winded Oscar acceptance speech but to narrow this down to only one that I most proud of – I will go slightly off-piste from my environmental ‘Building of the Year’ awards checklist and choose an underdog under the name of ‘Possilpark Community Centre’. Now, this is not to say that this project was not sustainably sound but rather that it was one of my first solo projects with Atelier Ten and a project that had a pleasant surprise hidden within.

Prior to starting with Atelier ten I had limited knowledge and experience of Glasgow, never living in the city and I had certainly never encountered the area of ‘Possilpark’ – I had only heard stories and opinions of the area through other people. It quickly became no secret, when I started to do some background research of the local council, that this area of Glasgow had been through decades of deprivation and poverty in the past and was currently trying to find its feet, with efforts being made to regenerate life into the community. Knowing this information helped me develop a small connection to the project and I was generally interested in the reasons for this project being constructed. As the design and my involvement progressed, my family asked me how my work was going and what I was working on – I explained that I was working on ‘Possilpark Community Centre’ expecting them to be as oblivious to the area as I first was. If only that was the case as my aunty (a woman who typically shops in the likes of ‘Waitrose’) shot to her feet and began to excitedly and proudly tell me that is where my family grew up and came from when they were younger and started to ask me all sorts of inquisitive questions about the project.

Possilpark became a great topic of conversation within the house, and I have always had a soft spot for this project since then, feeling a real belief and desire for it to be designed to the best that it can be. People are generally proud of where they come from, and I think this was a good example of a how a small community centre in a once poverty-stricken area can showcase this. I am proud to have been a part of it. To all of my other projects, better luck next promotion!

This year I am looking forward to the development and completion of some of the Scotland based schools targeting band ‘A’ LEIP funding status through the Scottish Futures Trust that we are currently working on at Atelier Ten. I think that LEIP funding is a great government founded incentive for schools to be designed and built better. I hope within the coming year that I can contribute the progression of the initiative and provide the trust with valuable feedback into improving the scheme for future schools to be built to better and more sustainable standards.