BCO Guide to Specification 2019 launch event

Atelier Ten are delighted to sponsor the BCO Guide to Specification 2019 launch event at the Lighthouse on the 29th August 2019.

Last updated in 2014 the new Guide aims to define best practice in workplace building design at a time of great change within the office sector. This event will provide the opportunity to hear about what has changed since the last edition and how the research commissioned for the new Guide has been interpreted into design and specification guidance from a panel of subject matter experts who led the specialist working groups responsible for producing the Guide.

We are living in “exponential times” where the rate of change in technology, evolving patterns of work and the proliferation of data are driving new thinking in workplace design. These changes will impact on how we design and construct new office buildings and repurpose existing workspace to respond to the needs of occupiers going forward. This seminar session will focus on how the 2019 Guide has responded to these challenges to redefine its position as the definitive guide to office development.

Join us for the evening presentation followed by discussion, debate and networking on Thursday 29 August.