Environmental Design

Our designers provide inspiration and guidance to steer project teams through the process of sustainable design to the delivery of high-performance buildings.

This advice is provided at all stages of the development process, from design to construction, to develop a unified vision for each of our project’s environmental aspirations. We work with entire design teams to identify sustainable design strategies, prove their effectiveness with calculations and simulations, and prioritise design solutions. And with expertise in environmental health and design, we advance healthy building strategies through research, innovation and collaboration.

We seek to deliver buildings that have a sustainable impact beyond the site boundaries by looking to integrate wider virtuous cycles into developments, where these are practically and economically achievable. By engaging with projects at this holistic level, it allows us to see beyond the immediate development horizon and turn a potential challenge into a future asset. We track the project’s progress on a wide array of sustainability issues. All of Atelier Ten’s staff, regardless of their technical specialty, are environmental design experts.