Snoozebox Portable Hotel

with The Manser Practice

The first Snoozebox was delivered to Silverstone for the F1 Grand Prix in 2011. It was made up of rooms built within specially converted 12m high shipping containers. These containers can be transported and set up at events to provide a temporary hotel solution. Each hotel room container is linked via umbilical connections to a services hub known as the “Mothership” which provides Mechanical, Electrical and Public Heath services to the hotel containers.

Offering flexible configurations from 40 to 400 rooms, Snoozebox can be fully operational and ready to welcome guests within 48 hours of arriving at almost any event or location around the world. Snoozebox is truly adaptable, being totally self-contained with no need for mains services or flat terrain to be sited. The Mothership is built within a standard 6m shipping container.

The Mothership can house all the central plant and equipment necessary to service bedrooms (8 hotel containers). This includes hot and cold water generation and storage facilities as well as a vacuum drainage system and effluent storage tank to cover a 24 hour period. A generator and diesel storage tank are also provided within the Mothership when required. Ancillary pumps and control panels are provided to allow the Mothership to be a standalone service hub for multiple configurations.