San Mateo County Office Building slider image
San Mateo County Office Building slider image

San Mateo County Office Building

with Studio Gang Architects

Ambitious goals of net zero energy, zero water waste, and zero operational carbon shape the San Mateo County Office Building. Atelier Ten recommended passive design strategies to go beyond the goals and influence the building’s shape to ensure a comfortable workplace.

Atelier Ten provided recommendations that informed the shape of the building to prioritize passive design strategies that reduce energy demand and improve occupant well-being. Careful daylight analysis optimized the building’s floor plate and created a shape with a dual purpose. The stepped façade design maximizes daylight for the central courtyard and provides passive shading for each floor.

To meet the zero-water waste goal, Atelier Ten recommended strategies that could be achieved in the short-term and long-term. Initially the project will reuse greywater and roof rainwater to significantly reduce water consumption. By installing the proper infrastructure to connect to a future city recycled water system, the project will offset all non-potable water consumption.

Atelier Ten also performed a material lifecycle assessment to reduce the building’s embodied carbon contribution. Atelier Ten provided recommendations for embodied carbon reductions in the form of material substitutions, structural system optimization, and durability. The process led to a 26% reduction in embodied carbon for the concrete, the primary material component of the building.