Senior Energy Analyst, London

About Atelier Ten

Atelier Ten is an international environmental design and building services consultancy and lighting design firm creating high-performance, sustainable, award-winning buildings. Our projects give back to the wider environment, conserve resources and foster innovation. Our London office has an immediate opening for a full-time Associate or Senior Energy Analyst as part of our integrated team of environmental designers.

In this role, your overarching goal will be to support Atelier Ten’s continued success as we cover a wide range of building services engineering disciplines and provide cutting-edge sustainability and environmental design consultancy.

As an Energy Analyst who loves architecture and building science, you will be responsible for delivering environmental and sustainability advice on projects for both internal teams and external collaborators and clients. This will involve consulting on sustainability, environmental design, compliance with building regulations, thermal comfort, measurable operational energy use reduction, and design and delivery of net zero carbon and net zero energy buildings. Your consultancy will be demonstrated through sound analytics using a suite of analytical and computer science tools such as IES-VE, Rhino and Grasshopper, EnergyPlus, Open Studio, Design Builder, MS Excel and bespoke, typically Python-based, analysis tools.

Your projects will range from regional-scale master planning to detailed design of specific buildings across all typologies and locations of the globe. With a robust understanding of building servicing systems and strategies and proven skills to simulate their operation, your work will inform optimal building services design and controls developed often in collaboration with our in-house engineers. Your report writing and result presentation skills will reflect the strength of your analytical work and communicate your advice clearly and concisely.

As an Associate or Senior team member, you will also be responsible for leading and maintaining a range of project workstreams relating to energy and thermal analysis, leading and maintaining design inputs for internal teams, and providing specialist knowledge to other projects/teams. Using industry benchmarks and internal standards, you will ensure the timely delivery of considered and accurate project information. Where projects are being delivered to external collaborators and clients, you will be our key point of contact for your workstreams. You will be responsible for leading and co-ordinating the internal efforts of junior staff across Atelier Ten, providing appropriate frameworks and tools, agreeing appropriate standards, and co-ordinating delivery against these standards. You will also be responsible for developing and disseminating our knowledge to your local peers, to our international offices, and beyond, furthering our reach and impact in the wider industry.

In turn, we will foster the building simulation and environmental design expert in you within our highly dynamic and collaborative team of sustainability experts. We will encourage you to take part at industry-wide initiatives, review and implement the latest standards and industry best practices, push the limits of best practice in analysis and design, and engage with relevant institutions to advance our position as the leading-edge consultancy in this area. 

Role-specific technical abilities and accountabilities
As an Associate or Senior Energy Analyst you will be expected to:

Technical abilities

  • Demonstrate specialist knowledge in building physics, energy analysis, operational carbon, thermal performance of architectural and building service systems, and thermal comfort
  • Have at least five years of expertise and experience in carrying out compliance assessments with the Part L of the building regulations for all building types, and develop energy strategies with a focus on driving optimal low-carbon design compliant with requirements of various planning authorities in the UK
  • Be intimately familiar with thermal comfort standards and requirements, including the Part O of the building regulations, CIBSE TM52, CIBSE TM59 and other relevant ASHRAE and ISO standards
  • Be an expert on standard and best practice operational energy performance assessments, including intimate familiarity with CIBSE TM54, NABERS UK, and/or ASHRAE Standard 90.1
  • Have a proven track record of providing consultancy, setting targets, and advising project teams with ambitious low-energy design goals, including sound understanding of industry-wide net zero carbon targets on operational energy
  • Remain abreast with the changes to these and other emerging practices and standards as they evolve
  • Be an expert in use of relevant software such as IES-VE including detailed HVAC modelling through the ApacheHVAC module (preferred) or other similar tools (e.g. EnergyPlus, Open Studio, Design Builder, etc.)
  • Coordinate inputs to and outputs from complex calculations in a consistent, verifiable, and replicable manner
  • Critically review energy use, operational carbon, and thermal comfort related deliverables developed by others
  • Develop and standardise new methods and tools to improve the quality and effectiveness of energy-related workstreams, and further our leading-edge position in the industry
  • Be knowledgeable about specialism-relevant requirements in sustainability benchmarking systems such as BREEAM, LEED and Living Building Challenge
  • Lead knowledge growth and knowledge exchange by engaging with:
    • – local and international counterparts in other Atelier Ten offices
      – representatives in external organisations
  • Work towards and maintain professional accreditation in your field of specialism, with Level 5 Low Carbon Energy Assessors accreditation expected
  • Have a working knowledge of operation, control, and metering of key building service systems, preferably with verification and/or operation experience

Project and team management abilities

  • Demonstrate empathy with Atelier Ten’s approach, core values, and ways of working
  • Commit to the development of high-quality, high-performance, and sustainable buildings via the appropriate technical standards, costs, and programme
  • Help to frame client briefs in terms of environmental and sustainable aspirations
  • Liaise with client, architect, and members of the internal and external team with clarity and confidence
  • Maintain overview on project status, progress of works against scope, and project budget
  • Be aware of both our agreement and the contractual relationships on the project
  • Deliver technical solutions in accordance with client brief
  • Communicate energy use, operational carbon and thermal comfort knowledge clearly and concisely to internal and external clients and peers with little or no specialist knowledge on the subject
  • Proactively train and supervise peers involved in energy related works
  • Organise junior colleagues to achieve solutions within agreed time scales
  • Support, mentor, and nurture junior members of the team
  • Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of other disciplines


  • Appreciate and assist in the need to generate business
  • Report any feedback or issues concerning your works and projects
  • Foster positive relationships with clients and other members of the design team

Who are you?
You have proven track record and practical knowledge of:

  • Successfully developing, co-ordinating, implementing, and delivering low-energy strategies for projects covering a wide variety of scales and typologies located around the world
  • Engaging and negotiating with senior management and peers on projects
  • Engaging with and influencing peers outside of formal management relationships
  • Committing to and effectively implementing consistent standards and metrics
  • Managing project teams coupled with the understanding to select frameworks/tools that are appropriate to circumstances

Qualifications and skills


  • Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Sustainable Building Design, or related field

General skills

  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Ability to prioritise and think strategically about the timing and delivery of project information
  • Ability to structure the delivery of project information against evolving client briefs in such a way as can be clearly explained to senior managers at the start of a project
  • Strong writing skills for producing written reports and visual presentations
  • Effective IT skills
    • – for producing relevant material, including knowledge and application of appropriate software
      – to develop new and bespoke assessment methods for project specific tasks and rendered in a manner that allows re-use

Preference will be given to applicants with:

  • Understanding and application of relevant CIBSE (such as CIBSE Guides, TM39, TM52, TM54, TM59, TM61, TM63, CP1, AM10, AM11, AM13, AM16, AM17), ASHRAE (such as Handbooks and Standards 55, 62.1, 90.1, and 189) and other international standards
  • Additional skills in CFD and/or FEM modelling, programming languages (such as Python or VBA)
  • HVAC systems design
  • BREEAM AP, LEED AP, BEMP or similar
  • Chartership in a relevant discipline

Atelier Ten reserves the right to alter the content of this job description to reflect changes to the job, without altering the general character or level of responsibility.


Please send a covering letter, CV and work samples in PDF format to