Commercial Lead, ANZ Region


Atelier Ten, a global sustainable design consultancy, seeks an experienced leader to grow our successful ANZ regional business. We will recruit through late January 2022, confirm an appointment in February, and welcome the successful candidate to our team in April 2022.


We are an international environmental design and sustainability consultancy creating high-performance, sustainable, award winning built environment. Buildings and places that give back to the wider environment, don’t waste resources and make people feel good. We have been designing for the climate emergency since our founding in 1990.

From our offices in Sydney and Melbourne, we have been the sustainability designers for significant buildings and places that include the Sydney Modern Project at the Art Gallery of NSW and the Bays West Place Strategy, both in Sydney; Southbank by Beulah in Melbourne; Kambri Court precinct at ANU; and the WA Museum Boola Bardip in Perth. We collaborate regularly with our colleagues in Singapore, London, New York, and San Francisco on places like Gardens By The Bay in Singapore, the SFMoMA, and the Obama Presidential Library.

As a leading global green building consultancy with an established track record and a strong reputation in our local markets, we are poised to grow rapidly in size and influence both in Australia and New Zealand, collectively our business region. Having recently joined the Surbana Jurong Group of companies, all of us across Atelier Ten are also positioned now to join larger teams pursuing globally significant infrastructure projects.

Atelier Ten are also committed to deepening our thought leadership on sustainability topics including climate positive development, circular economy, and resilient and adaptable cities. We are also committed to service, serving in professional organisations and encouraging all staff to teach in relevant university design programs.


Atelier Ten in Australia is currently led by a team of talented, thought-leading, experienced sustainable designers. We are fully focused on shaping a more sustainable future for our clients. What we are missing is a peer who is fully focused on shaping a more sustainable future for our business. You will fill this role.

Atelier Ten are committed to fostering an environment of inclusion and diversity. We seek applicants from all backgrounds to ensure we get the best, most innovative talent on our team. We also seek applicants who take a broad view of professional responsibilities and are active in professional service, teaching, or other extra-curricular and complementary roles.

You will manage the growth of Atelier Ten’s ANZ regional business, taking us over the next three years from 15 people in two cities to 40 people in multiple markets. As our operations principal, you will also develop the robust business administration, governance, and reporting processes that will underpin our growth. As our commercial leader, you will develop our plan for growth, in consultation with the existing business leadership, and successfully lead us through this transformational time in our company.

More specifically, we expect you will have:


  • Formed strong, supportive, collaborative relationships with regional leadership and our local consultant teams
  • Assessed all management system
  • Begun tuning and developing new regional business systems


  • Formed collaborative relationships with international operations team
  • Overhauled regional business systems
  • Begun implementation of new global business systems
  • Completed strategic planning for regional growth


  • Begun implementing strategic growth plan
  • Shepherded ANZ revenue through 50% year-on-year growth
  • Firmed up regional profitability
  • Grown ANZ team and established talent base


  • Grown revenue to $8 million or more
  • Reliably delivered annual profitability
  • Established new offices in significant regional markets
  • Grown ANZ team to around 40 people

To do this, you will have the full support of company directors, and local leadership. You will also have autonomy and authority over the following management areas:


  • Business planning
  • Strategic planning
  • New market/sector/service/region research
  • Australian business strategic initiatives
  • A10 Group strategic initiatives


  • Client review
  • Major bid risk assessment, contracts


  • Contributing to and upholding company culture
  • Oversight of professional development processes


  • Oversight of Quality and Environmental Management System


  • Oversight of project financial management processes
  • Oversight of project resource management processes
  • Major project financial review


  • Business finance, accounting, tax management
  • Governance
  • Managing operations team
  • Oversight of corporate reporting
  • Oversight of Information Technology
  • Oversight of legal, insurances
  • Oversight of human resources
  • Oversight of office administration and facilities


In return for your expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment, you will get:

  • Exciting work with substantial responsibilities
  • The opportunity to grow a business
  • Authority and autonomy
  • A competitive salary
  • Collaboration opportunities with global colleagues
  • Opportunities for career growth within ANZ region and in global business
  • Enthusiastic workmates and insightful mentors in both business and sustainability realms

While sustainability is not directly the focus of this role, we offer you the opportunity to help shape a more sustainable world by expanding the reach, influence, and ability Atelier Ten’s sustainability consultancy.

Perhaps most importantly, you will get the freedom to contribute ideas and play an active part in the growth of the business. You will make a genuine difference, proactively, in a way that’s not always possible in other roles.


We are looking for someone with at least 5 years of experience in a comparable business leadership role, and at least a decade of experience overall in consultancy or the property industry. Preferably you will have experience working within a multi-office, multi-division business. You will be able to demonstrate how you have managed the successful growth of other organisations.

You have an all-rounder’s understanding of business finance and operations. You look ahead and see problems before they arrive, solving them collaboratively, collegially, and forthrightly. You are an effective communicator, especially of the opportunities you see and the analyses you undertake to test and validate your ideas.

You’re proactive, self-motivated, a team player, and comfortable taking ownership across our management realms. You get excited about learning new things and enjoy sharing your skills and knowledge across the company. You are dedicated to professional service and are willing to help train a new generation of sustainability-minded professionals and business leaders. You have your colleague’s backs, and you bring smiles to their faces. You discover and celebrate joy in the world around you.


  • University degree and associated qualifications in relevant disciplines (business, law, finance)
  • 10+ years in a consultancy or property business
  • 5+ years in an operations management role
  • Robust project financial control skills
  • Business finance, reporting, governance experience
  • Business and strategic planning experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Appropriate work visa status.


  • CPA or MBA
  • Project management expertise
  • Team management or leadership experience
  • Experience with business management and reporting in a multi-office or multi-business unit company
  • Professional organisation affiliation or commitment
  • Sustainability awareness or experience
  • Business development experience
  • Public speaking experience
  • Teaching experience


For more information or to apply for this role, please contact Atelier Ten’s recruitment advisor:

Kirsty Keating

Sterning Engineering

+61 432 385 645

We will accept applications through: 30 January 2022 We plan to conduct preliminary interviews in the first week of February, complete second and third interviews in mid- February, and have selected you as our Commercial Lead, ANZ region by the end of February. We prefer you to start work with us no later than the middle of April 2022.


If you’re excited to help grow a business, are looking to work with thoughtful colleagues and a great team, respect the responsibility that comes with authority and autonomy, and are keen to shape a more sustainable future, come join our team at Atelier Ten.