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National Geographic Society Masterplan, Washington DC, US


Atelier Ten provided the design team with early design phase feasibility studies necessary to implement a daylit addition and renovation of the National Geographic campus.

DATE: 2012




The new urban campus of the National Geographic Headquarters will establish new connections among the diverse collection of buildings that span more than a century on the Washington D.C. site, and create a new expression for National Geographic’s international programs, museum, media, and research activities.

Atelier Ten conducted a daylight study of the headquarters to compare how incremental building upgrades impact the proportion of day-lit floor area for all three buildings on the site. Proposed upgrades will bring daylight further into the interior of the building and provide greater daylit floor area. The proposed renovation and addition includes a new atrium, lightwell, and glazing, with potential increases in daylit area of 30-40% compared to existing conditions.

Atelier Ten also helped the design team to prioritize HVAC, daylighting, and lighting systems renovations and additions that would result in the greatest energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, and occupancy benefit. Select HVAC and lighting equipment and controls upgrades reduce energy use, cost, and emissions while improving indoor air quality and thermal comfort. An on-site ground-water heat exchanger, photovoltaics, and building performance displays offer educational opportunities. Existing building renovations aim to reduce energy use by 25 to 35%.